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Shakti Sadhna


Shakti Sadhna


Shakti Sadhna is a divine workshop that we conduct on WhatsApp during all the four navratri in each year. 

The main purpose of Shakti Sadhna is to awaken the path of shakti in every heart. By doing the devi sadhna, we can manifest our own life and also help others. You don't have to go here and there for your any problems, all you can solve by Devi Sadhna and Devi Maa's blessings.

This sadhna consists of two parts. One and the most essential part is chanting of Durga Saptsati. Here we guide the secret and simplest way of unlocking Durga Saptshati that anyone can do, and see the miracle in their life. 

Durga Saptsati has all the power, and it is a treasure of all the mantras. By this everything can be achieved. Devi is bhukti-mukti pradayanini - that gives bhog and moksha both.

Second part of sadhna includes rituals that anyone can do as per their comfort and manifest different goals. Here we guide different rituals for different purposes of life, like negativity clearance, obstacle removal, bringing prosperity and happiness in family and relationships.Doing these rituals can bring change in every aspect of life and help you in ascension.