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Matrika Naad Sadhna


Matrika Naad Sadhna


Matrika Naad Sadhna is a very unique Healing modality launched by Mahashakti Radiance after lots of practical Case-studies and a Research of several years.

Matrika Naad Sadhna is based on the 3000 years old scientific knowledge of Mantra and Sound Healing. In this Unique Sadhna, we will be exploring and experiencing the Healing power of the sound of Sanskrit letters (Matrikas).


Naad means “the essence of all sound”. In the Indian traditions of knowledge, each sound of the 52 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet has a corresponding vibration in 52 parts of our body. The healing effect of the sequential flow of sounds not only balance the mind and the body, but even extend further to create harmony in the collective consciousness of society as a whole.  


MATRIKA NAAD SADHNA  is being called the ANCIENT INDIAN ‘REIKI’, because not only we be exploring  the healing effect of Naad of Matrikas, but also be experiencing the healing  effect of Touch (Nyaas) at different body parts corresponding to the particular sound of each letter. Here we will be using distinct  Mudras (hand positions, balancing different elements) to touch various body parts.

This Sadhna helps you-

1.To heal your body and each internal organ.

2.To activate the DEEP CHAKRA SADHNA, you will explore the vibration of each chakra and connect with them.

3.Invoke the KUNDALINI energy, in simple, slowly in a safe way, so that you are able to explore the connection with the universal consciousness.

4.You are able to connect with the VAISHVANAR AGNI, that will change the dimension of your living.

5.Increase the TEJAS energy in you, that will expand your Aura and create a powerful magnetic field around you.

6.It will help in VAAK SIDHHI.

7.You Are able to explore the Divinity of sound.