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Atma Namaste all the divine souls,
After 8 very successful, the most Serene and the most Empowering workshops of Deepotasva Sadhna -1,2(during Diwali days), Shiv Sadhna (during Shivratri days)and Shakti Sadhna-1,2,3,4,5(during Navratris And Gupt Navratris),
MAHASHAKTI RADIANCE presents SHAKTI SADHNA in two different formats –
Shakti Sadhna (BASIC) [WITH NEW RITUALS]– For the Newbies (those who are going to be the part of Shakti Sadhna for the first time) OR for those, who are looking for the betterment in every field of life (physical, materialistic, mental, emotional & spiritual) by stepping into path of Sadhna & performing easy,simple rituals.
Shakti Sadhna(ADVANCE)- For those, who have ALREADY experienced the sacredness of Shakti-Sadhna by being the part of it at least once AND for those Sadhaks, who are seeking spiritual enhancement through PURE sadhna .
During this Chaitra Navratri (from 18th March to 26th March,2018 ) , Come join us to be the part of this sacred nine days journey to divinity.
It will enable you.....
1-To fulfill your life with happiness, prosperity and abundance.
2.To fulfill your desire
3- To bring peace by releasing negativity from your home and work place
4-To attain good health and get rid of ailments
5- To liberate obstacles from your life
6- To increase your financial gains
And also know
7 - The secret way to unlock DURGA SAPTSATI.
8 – The simple and yet most powerful SHAKTI HAVAN, that can be performed easily by yourself at home.
(Alongwith, enjoy a Beautiful Meditation & 3 Transmissions of three Swaroopas of Devi Maa)
Once Again, Dive deeper in the path of divinity of Devi Sadhna by being the part of this Advance Sadhna by ..
1 - Learning the SECRET TECHNIQUE that is only been used by yogis to reap the maximum benefits of any form of sadhana .
2- Discovering the sacred BEEJ MANTRATMAK SAPTSATI that has been kept under wraps since ages.
3- Learning the SHODOPCHAR POOJAN of Devi Maa
4 - You will explore the Most Unique- “DEVI SADHNA” , including –
i) Durga Ashtakshar Sadhna
ii) Mahakali Sadhna
iii) Mahalakshmi Sadhna
iv) Neel Saraswati Sadhna
5- Learn the most powerful “Beej mantratmak Hawan”
6- Complete path of Beejmantratmak Saptshati