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Upcoming Workshop



 Starting tomorrow 27th March 2017

Atma Namaste all the divine soul, After two Big and Successful SHAKTI SADHNA workshop on Navratri, and SHIV SADHNA workshop on SHIV RATRI, I am back again with the chaitra navratri SHAKTI SADHNA. 

Instead of searching solution here and there,  Solve and create your destiny by your own. Be your own master. Surrender to Goddess Durga with my Simple prayog that can change your life too. Lets join hand to fight with the Asur that is present in all of us.

The word asur is derived from ‘.         


Meaning ‘the one who remains engrossed only in enjoying life and in the indulgence of pleasure of the objects is an asur (demon)’. Such a Mahishasur is present in each human heart. And he has taken control over internal Divine qualities of the human being. It is necessary to perform puja of Shakti to become free from the trap of Mahishasur, by realising the illusory form of this Mahishasur. Therefore, Shakti should be worshipped in the nine days of Navratra. 

1.Ritual for Prosperity gain. 

2. Aura & Home Cleansing and negativity clearing Ritual.

3. Illness & black magic removal Ritual.

4. Abundance ritual with Asht Lakshmi Prayog.

5. Obstacle removal ritual.

6. Spiritual Ascension prayog of nine days .

7. Ritual for Aura Magnetism and Business success .

8. Unique Chandi Dhwaj Wish Fulfillment Ritual.


Learning the secret way to unlock DURGA SAPTSATI and simple and powerful SHAKTI HAVAN,that can be performed at home.