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Upcoming Workshop


Atma Namaste all the divine souls,
After the most Serene and the most Energetic workshops of Deepotasva Sadhna (during Diwali days), Shiv Sadhna (during Shivratridays) and Shakti Sadhna-1,2,3 (during Navratris And Gupt Navratris), Its Time again to go deep in Devi sadhana....
Come join us on nine days of SHAKTI SADHNA-4 during the coming Navratri !!! (from 21st to 30th Sept,2017)
It will helps you ….
1. To raise your Soul connection with Divine Energy (Devi Gunas).
2. To fill your life with happiness, prosperity and abundance.
3. To attain good health and get rid of ailments.
4. To clear negativity from your home and work place
5. To release your past karmas.
With very simple, but very powerful Rituals and Jaaps.
6. Also learn the secret way to unlock DURGA SAPTSATI.
7. And simple and powerful SHAKTI HAVAN,that you can perform in your home.

Be the part of Shakti Sadhna -4, to clear all obstacles in your life and to help yourself in your spiritual ascension.