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SECRET PREDICTIVE TOOLS: the Ancient Technique of Vedic Astrology


The most unique online workshop by Mahashakti Radiance

Since ancient times, human beings have been curious to unfold the mysteries that life holds for future. With so much anxiety in these uncertain times, every one is trying to anticipate what's around the corner. Predicting the future, infact, is not as mysterious as it always seem. All you need is -  Secret Vedic  Predictive Tools! 

These mysterious, ancient Vedic tools & techniques are easy to learn and simple to use!

How this Workshop is Beneficial

★ It will enable you to choose the right person and right place for your business, job or  residence

★ This workshop will help you get the answers you are looking for* regarding your  business, job, success, accomplishment etc.

★ Will help you grow in your Spiritual Path, enabling you to know your Isht Dev,

the Deity you should worship, the right mantra for you, the right time to perform hawan & Shiv sadhna. 

★ This will enable you to predict your victory in legal matters.


Whom this workshop is beneficial for

▪️Those who don't know Astrology, Numerology etc, can also do prediction with these divine tools.

▪️Those who know astrology, numerology, tarot cards & other divination tools, can enhance their predictive skills with these tools.

▪️For all Healers and Therapists, who wish to guide their clients to choose right path.

▪️And for all those Who desire to quench the thirst for the knowledge of prediction.

Join us in our most unique zoom workshop -"Secret Predictive Tools" and make predictions and about the future events of life…

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🔹 Workshop dates 

(11th December-12th December 8.00-9.30 pm)

🔹 EE : 5555 ₹

Mahashakti Radiance: Vivek Sharma, Rajni Mahajan, Hetal Shah

Note: Videos of both the sessions will be available for 15 days after the completion of the workshop.


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