Explore the sacred science of yantras

After the most successful and outstanding workshops of Mystical Yantra during the last 3 years, with 350+ participants; Mahashakti Radiance is bringing PART-3 of this highly acclaimed workshop, with All-New Yantras for Varied Themes and Purposes!

⚛ Delve into the Profound World of Sacred Ancient Geometry with Numbers and Mantras! ⚛

Join the workshop &

Learn the Secret Technique to Create Yantras.

Master the Art of Creating the Most Powerful and Effective Yantras in the most Simplified & Easy way.

Explore the Ancient Science of Quantum Geometry 

Tap into the Power of Yantras to Fulfill Your Wishes.

Unlock the Ancient Science of Numerology and Mantras for Manifestation.

Experience the Magic of MYSTICAL YANTRAS(Part-3) by learning to create the yantra :

1. For Strengthening your Willpower to achieve your desired goal.

2. To enhance Good Luck

3. To Attract a particular person for Friendship or Partnership

4. To make him/her to Unblock you

5. To Attract Clients

6. To Clear Debts

7. For liberation from Health issues

8. For Peaceful & Harmonious Relationship in the Family

9. To Appease your Seniors or Boss

10. To Clear misunderstanding between the Couple

11. For Growth and Expansion of Business 

12. For Protection from all kinds of Hardships

13. For Having Control over your Staff

14. For Fulfillment of your Wish

15. To impress the person in the Authority(Administrative officer, Judge, Director, Principal etc)

After the workshop, you will be able to create kavach & yantras for different purposes.

Workshop dates :

11th to 14th March

Venue: WhatsApp

Language: English & Hindi both

Energy Exchange : ₹ 2100/-

Prerequisites : None

 Even  those who haven't done Mystical Yantra (part-1 & 2), can also join this workshop

Enroll Now and Master the Secret Techniques to Create Empowering Yantras!For further details, join our query group:

Vivek Sharma, Rajni Mahajan, Hetal Pandya: Mahashakti Radiance


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