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Shambhalla: Part 9

In each day we remain surrounded by thousands of thoughts, our mind never rests for a second. In an average person 80 percent of our thoughts are useless, 19.90 percent of positive thoughts come always in our mind, but it depends on our vibration whether we listen to it or not. Remaining .10 percent is the message of the master that they give to us daily. To understand the language of the universe, first we have to save energy from these unwanted 80% thoughts, and try to raise the positive thoughts and increase the incoming of master's message ratio. This can be achieved by regular meditation and practice. Then only we can listen, see or can feel the hidden energies of the universe.

Some souls are blessed with this ability and some can develop this by practice, but the best part of it is that everyone has this ability. Due to 80% of unwanted thoughts they can't recognize their power. 

Clairvoyant, Clairaudience and Clairsentience is normal if you mediate daily and ask from the masters. This is the tool to communicate. But remember don't misuse this power, always use it for the highest good of society. Mother earth needs these kinds of people so that they can work for the divine guidance of the whole human race. Since the last 100 years there has been huge progress, and since the last 20 years we all are connected deeply. We all are electro magnetically connected with everyone by the technologies.

It's the results of the masters, that they are raising the collective consciousness of the whole human society.