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Shambhalla: Part 8

Everything is floating in MAHA AKASH, all the events are stored in the Akash, we say simply it as an Akashic record. 

Please understand few sacred secret before reading further

  1. Nothing can be destroyed, none of your actions, thoughts, plans, words, emotions, nothing can be destroyed. Everything is in addition to existence. Every moment each of our thoughts, words, emotions just go on adding to existence. Everything is stored.

Akashik record is a cosmic archaism where all the things that happened, are happening, and will happen is stored.

  1. Time is not three separate things as you think as past, present and future. Our small mind can't grasp that idea, but for an enlightened being it's only one entity.

Your innermost consciousness can just experience past, present and future at a time.

The "three worlds" are the worlds of past, present and future (sometimes also referred to as the worlds of form, formlessness, and desire). The vehicle through which the Buddhas attain their Buddhahood is the Transcendent Wisdom of sunyata.

So by Akashic record we can feel the past and future with 5D clearity, (Five senses, Visual, Auditory, Smell, Touch, Taste).

Masters insist that our true freedom lies in the choices we make, and each one of us has the power to change "no meaning" into Great Meaning, "no reason" into Great Reason. This is possible because in the pure experience of sunyata, one realizes that one is intrinsically endowed with Buddha-nature and that this Buddha-nature in oneself is not different from Buddha-nature in all living beings. To see others as separate from oneself is to live in delusion and deny one's own Buddha-nature; to see others as sharing in one's own Buddha nature is to affirm one's essential humanity. 

In making the free choice of compassion for all beings, we are doing no more than giving expression to our own Buddha-nature. It is only in unconditional love or compassion (karuna) that wisdom (pragya) finds its fullest expression. 

We all are One

We are Love

One Love