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Shambhalla: Part 7

In which vibration are you? 

In the previous article I have shared about the vibration of love is more important instead of fear to connect with the master, here I am giving a simple exercise to check in which vibration you are, and an easy way to connect with the masters.


  1. Sit on a chair, with your back straight and feet flat on the floor.

  2. Relax each time while inhaling, and release tension while exhaling.

  3. Draw an infinity symbol on your soul star (6 inch above), on your all the 7 chakra then earth star chakra (12 inch below for the foot).

After that Visualise the vertical infinity starting from your heart chakra, and then move it upto crown then from there it's going upto root and coming again into heart.

Say THE INFINITY CODE three times,

We all are one

We are love

One love

  1. Try to be aware of your thoughts as if viewing them from a distance, are they below from heart chakra, i.e heavy and negative or above from the heart, i.e positive or joyful.

  2. If your mind is heavy and your awareness is sinking down to sad and negative memories, just take a deep breath and remind yourself you are seeking balance.

  3. Once you are in balance, slow your breathing and slow your need to think up or down. Just hold the balance of your quiet mind without any need to follow your thought. 

  4. Now you are ready to connect with the masters, invite them with SHAMBHALLA invocation prayer that I share on my healing session, and ask for the guidance from them. Don't forget to ask their name for future connection.