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Shambhalla part 39

According to a research we have 70 to 80 thousands thought in our mind in a single day. 95% percent of thoughts are repetitive and it is about past, future and about people and incidents.

Simply we can measure the level of concentration by our THOUGHT PER SECOND in short we can say TPS.

Our thoughts are always about our past or our future. We can only think about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future. Our thoughts of the past are usually regrets about what we did not do or guilt about what we did. Thoughts of the future are about what we wish to do.

Please understand, neither the past nor the future is real. The past is dead and gone. Most often we do not even learn from the past. All we try to do is use our past to steer the future. It is like driving a car looking only at the rear view mirror! You know for sure where you will end up!


When we are in the intuitive state, be very clear: for those few moments, our Thought per second has dropped and we are more in the present. When our TPS is zero, we can clearly see the entire past and future. The point where the future meets the past is the present. This is where our thought frequency is zero and we are in a no-mind state. We have not merely controlled or suppressed the mind, which is impossible. We have transcended the mind, which is possible.

Meditation brings the mind to rest. Meditation disengages the mind so that the mind cannot play games. We can also reach this state in the master’s presence in meditation.

The master is always in a no-mind state, which is the zero thought per second state. When we are in his awareness, whether physically or otherwise, our own TPS also drops. We can reach zero TPS just by being in the master’s presence. The presence of the master is meditation. Awareness of the master is meditation.