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Shambhalla part 37


Start from chanting OM with A,U,M,Bindu,Naad.


In it visualize Kundlini shakti in the form of a subtle thread like effulgence which is embued with nectar like that of moon or Chandra rising from Mooladhar upwards. One who follows such a method, surely develops power to digest all kinds of poisons.


Visualize the kundalini shakti in the form of a thin yellow hued light thread, like that of a cobweb, with three and half circle around the swyambhu lingam. Chanting OM beej one should raise it and enter it in to Sukshhumana taking it up to Dwadashant. Focus ones chit vritti in it and then completely dissolve It in the parmatama in Sahasrar. By the power of it one gets free of the cycle of life and death and attains moksha.