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Shambhalla part 36


The symbol of the Bindu Chakra is the MOON; therefore it is also known as Chandra Chakra (Moon Centre). In the inner Cosmos, which is seen by our inner eye in meditation, the Bindu Chakra appears to have a circular opening with a lid almost completely covering it, and from this some light shines forth through a small gap. This glimmer of light that is the emanation of the radiance of the Self in the Sahasrāra Chakra is similar in appearance to the slender crescent of the new moon. If the Bindu Chakra is fully awake and open it shines brightly with a silvery sheen, like the Full Moon.


1- Sit in a relaxed meditation pose.
2- Bring your awareness to your breathing. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth 20 times.
3- Visualize Omkaar in the Sahasraar and visualize it as an effulgent sun encircled by three orbs of light. In that experience Om in the form of a Bindu from where nectar is cascading down. Continue practicing this daily. By this one gets sidhi. One is set free of untimely death, diseases and victory of various sins.
4- Imagine a beautiful, shining full moon that is shining on a peaceful place (eg the ocean, a mountain, a sandy beach, a distant plain).
5- Listen to the subtle sound that the moonlight produces. Smell the fragrance of the nectar that streams from it.
6-A feeling of happiness, love and contentment arises within you. You feel oneness and a sense of peace.
Be aware of the fragrance and joyful feelings spreading to the Vishuddhi and Anāhata Chakras (about 15-20 minutes).
Chant om mentally


The MATRA through which this world is experienced is ONE matra. With CHANCHALYA, matra increases. ONE MATRA is the centre of whole creation. Bindu is the gateway to enter the state where no matra exists. On breaking of a matra, Ardh matra arises in a mental image is the precognition of BRAMHA. The place on the path from Bindu to Sahasrar, where SOMRAS is seen is called ARDH CHANDRA

It is said that when one reaches this state, focus and awarenes on BINDU chakra that Soma is produced which then descents and when it gets to the throat it removes all disease from an individual.

The Yogi enters into BINDU where the natural matra of the mind is half, ½. From here SARAL MARG starts and this is the YOG MARG!

One’s establishment into this path will depend upon one’s progress. The more the progress the more the establishment on SARAL Marg.