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Shambhalla part 24

I have mentioned, there is an inner Shambala and an external Shambala, just as there is an internal war and an external war. So there is an inner Shambala one has to identify. And this inner Shambala is the means by which one defeats the internal barbarians, the internal army, which are the ignorance and attachment and aversion.

And one defeats them by the inner Shambala which means through an understanding of selflessness, through method and wisdom of emptiness. Through the path of method and wisdom one can defeat the inner army of barbarians of the three mind-poisons.

In order to achieve the path of liberation from the cycle of time and achieve inner SHAMBHALLA consciousness, there are four main inner system that need to be purify, that is body, speech, mind and wisdom.


And to purify it our Breath is the first step to start with it. I will give simple exercise of ANAPANSHATI yoga of Buddha, that he has given to us. In next article we will do that exercise to purify our breath. From that we will purify, our body,speech,mind and wisdom.

We have to purify our body, so that it becomes a vajra body, purifying our speech it becomes vajra speech, purifying our mind becomes vajra mind. And there is a very subtle form of consciousness we have in the five senses, senses of consciousness, there is an obvious one and a subtle one, so purifying the subtle one, that recreates the vajra wisdom.

Our five senses are constantly bombarded by more stimuli than we could ever consciously attend to. Therefore, we must filter out most of what we perceive and only be aware of a small portion of our total life experience. All that we have chosen to ignore is then stored in our unconscious and superconscious minds.
These “perceptual filters” are created by our beliefs, because it is our beliefs that influence our expectations. In turn, our expectations influence our perceptions. For example, if we believe that the world is a hostile place, we will expect to see an enemy around every corner. Then, someone comes around that corner, a normal someone with a vast and paradoxical range of thoughts and emotions.

By simply meditating on the breath with full awareness we can change our life and we can go beyond our body, we can go beyond our mind, ego and consciousness.