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Shambhalla part 19

The call of Shambhala

When a human being hears the sacred word, in fact he/she is called into the world of Shambala, being granted permission to enter it. When you will hear this imperative calling, you must know that the path to Shambala is open for you. You must answer from all your heart to this calling and you should remember the moment you’ve first felt this, because starting from that moment, you will always be assisted by the Blessed Masters of Shambala. People should learn to acknowledge and become aware of the way in which they are receiving help from subtle entities and masters, because most of the times, they have the tendency of rejecting the help given to them, due to the fact that they are unable to understand these aspects”.

Of course, not all those called are the chosen ones who answer this calling and thus receive this unconditional support of the spiritual forces in every beneficial thing they do. Many of them are called but few are chosen, and what matters here is the manner in which the human being is able to respond to this calling with dedication and abnegation, by abandoning their personal interests and their ego, in order to walk the difficult but fascinating spiritual path that leads them towards the fulfillment of their own spiritual purpose.

“Inhabitants of Shambala sometimes come to Earth, in order to meet the human beings who are inspired and guided by Shambala and to dedicate their lives to fulfilling the divine ideals of wisdom and compassion. Then they bring precious spiritual gifts with them and holy relics, for the good of the whole mankind. I could tell you several stories of the wonderful gifts which were materialized directly from space.

Shambala, as a spiritual realm which governs and inspires humanity and our planet is ultimately the sources of all the teachings and authentic spiritual paths. Either we are aware of these facts or not, either we understand them or not, either we perceive this or not, the reality of Shambala is irrefutable. We can even say that any authentic spiritual path “goes through Shambala”.

Every genuine spiritual school is inspired and supported through the mysterious world of Shambala and every sincere spiritual aspirant is supported and guided by the mysterious force of the sages of Shambala and the King of the World. Consequently, if we will become aware of these aspects, if we’ll sincerely and frantically invoke their help and guidance, we will achieve success much faster, both in our spiritual practice as well as in all our beneficial actions. “Directly calling the Blessed Masters of Shambala, one can attain success,”