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Shambhalla: Part 18

In that land, words and voice are not needed for communication. Words have broadly four level of speech,
1- Baikhari ( audible)
2- Madhyma ( audible to close one)
3- pashyanti ( audible to ownself only)
4- Para ( Non audible)

In Para levels only intent is enough to communicate. Practicing Para vaani will help to communicate without words. It require great concentration. In MAHASHAKTI TRANSMISSION I share the NAVARN JAAP DHYAN to explore the Para vaani.

In Shambhalla, if a great man looks at you, you can feel his intent and the message that he wants to convey. Using the computer jargon his intents are instantly decoded and you get to know what he is trying to say. Actually if the developments in present day science are to be compared with the level of developments in Shambhalla, they stand nowhere.

Most of the science is involved in three dimensional worlds but in Shambhalla the yogis are working on the fifth dimension as well. Today’s science has learnt the art of creating energy from an atom but they don’t know how to create atom from that energy.

In SHAMBHALLA there are science that are referred to as Surya Vigyan and Chandra Vigyan. According to the basic principle of Surya Vigyan, the core of every material is composed of Sun rays, and by changing the ratio of sun rays you can change the property of that material. Rose can be converted into Marigold. By concentrating sun rays, matter can be created in vacuum.

It is from Gyanganj, (other names of many name of SHAMBHALLA) that Vishudhanandji learned Surya Vigyan. Vishudhananda have stayed many times in Gyanganj where he learned Surya Vigyan or solar science. The Surya Vigyan gave him the power to manifest objects or transform one object into another by manipulating the sun's rays. You have read Autobiography of Yogananda, there he describes his meeting with Vishudhananda in Calcutta and witnessing his feature to create any kind of scent in the air on request. This he used to do with the use of his Surya Vidya.

All the great souls of our time and the times gone by who left their physical bodies are living in SHAMBHALLA in their causal body. Great saints like Shirdi’s Sai Baba, Nanga Baba, Sant Gyaneshwar, Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj, Socretes, meher baba, Swami samarth and many others are living in Gyanganj. They keep appearing in the subconscious of Sadhakas and other blessed souls and telepathically direct them to perform deeds that are helpful to the humanity. Every other great sadhakas in this world do visit Gyanganj once or many times to gain more knowledge.