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Shambhalla: Part 16


These are some specific places on Earth where the resonance with Shambala is very powerful. There, everything is possible for those who aspire to enter in touch with Shambala and with the Masters of Shambala: telepathic communication as well as subtle perceptions, and extra corporal journeys in the world of Shambala are very easily realized, of course, if certain conditions are met. The purity of the heart and aspiration are some of them. So, mostly for beginner practitioner (beginner in the sense of communicating and traveling in Shambala) these mysterious “portals” are a veritable chance to enter into the mysterious reality of the realm of Shambala.

Where are these “portals” we mention here? And what are they, as they are not physical portals? They are more specific energetic structures which exist in the subtle plane in certain special places that have a powerful energetic charge to the Shambala resonance. These energetic structures constitute veritable subtle “tunnels” that tie us directly to Shambala, analogically speaking the “worm holes” from modern physics.

Places which have an energetic charge specific to the resonance of the spiritual planetary Centre are all the places on Earth where a powerful initiator centre exists, or existed, no matter how long ago: because all authentic spiritual schools, all spiritual centers are permanently sustained and inspired by Shamballa. Thus, we are talking about all the sacred places from our planet which meet this definition, from the Kailas Mountains of Tibet, the temple of Apollo in Delphi, the Pyramids in Egypt or the Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico.

In all these places, a highly receptive human being can easily feel the energetic nothing, similar to an “imprint”, of Shambala. But there are differences. Some energetic centers can be more powerful then the others. Some can evidently be more active (intensely stimulated), while others can be latent (asleep). The special impregnation of such a place correlates highly to the specific featureof the place and of the certain period from the past when that spiritual center was active. Due to the differences, for the initiated one it is obviously the common vein.

Many of the Shambala seekers associate it with Tibet and have a deeply rooted belief that in Tibet (or somewhere else in the Himalayans or in Central Asia) they have the most chances to find these mysterious “portals” to Shambala. For all yogis in India, Nepal and Tibet, nostalgias are awakened that sometimes come from other lives. These are necessary to know and to understand that Shambala does not only belong exclusively to certain traditions. If we build a phantasmagorical image about Shambala we only lose the chance that each of us have here and now to live in unison with the sublime wise realm, whose portals are now open wide for the pure, brave and especially dedicated to God and his fellow creatures.