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Shambhalla: Part 15


Shambala exists in the ether plane. In the physical plane there are only privileged areas, which have certain exceptional energetic charges, that are real “springboards”, tunnels, windows, …”portals” to the world of Shambala. These are some specific places on Earth where the resonance with Shambala is very powerful.

There, everything is possible for those who aspire to enter in touch with Shambala and with the King of Shambala: telepathic communication as well as subtle perceptions, and extra corporal journeys in the world of Shambala are very easily realized, of course, if certain conditions are met. The purity of the heart and aspiration are some of them. So, mostly for beginner yogis (beginner in the sense of communicating and traveling in Shambala) these mysterious “portals” are a veritable chance to enter into the mysterious reality of the realm of Shambala.

We know as yogis, the fact that man is endowed, beside his physical body, with other structures or subtle bodies, which don’t belong to the physical world, but rather to some superior level of vibrating frequencies of the physical world. With the help of these structures, bodies, subtle vehicles (meaning of a more refined nature then the physical gross level), any human being can “travel” in any subtle dimension of the macrocosm manifestation. Thus, through perseverance and applying some specific yogi methods, any human being can train in this way and can learn to displace at will, travelling in his subtle “bodies” toward other mysterious, wonderful, paradisiacal realms.

Concerning traveling in Shambala, there are stories of some people that have translated totally, meaning, including with their physical body, to this subtle world that exist in the ether plane. They started their journey from the physical plane and arrived at the destination of their journey in the ether plane, with everything, through a wonderful phenomenon of translation. This type of extraordinary journey, and humans’ incapacity to understand certain natural phenomenon in a multidimensional universe led to the idea that Shambala is in fact somewhere in the physical world, hidden in the Himalayan Mountains or in the dessert areas from Central Asia, or in some distant realm up in the North.