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Shambhalla: Part 14

The essential message of Shambala is that spiritual supreme realization, ultimate spiritual liberation, is not an abstract, untouched goal but it can be reached through sincere aspiration and spiritual effort sustained right here and now. This is the teaching of Shambala.

Shambala is like a spiritual Sun around which the entire planetary wisdom is gravitating: all the greatest religions, the greatest initiate traditions, esoteric divinely inspired currents, all authentic spiritual schools and paths are inspired by Shambala. That is, Shambala is named as the Spiritual Centre of our planet.


This spiritual centre though is not located in the physical plane, on the Earth, but in a subtle parallel dimension, more precisely in the ether plane, that coexists simultaneously with the physical universe. This so-called ether plane is the closest subtle dimension, as a vibrating frequency, to the physical plane and thus explains why beings in Shambala can act instantaneously, with great power and an amazing impact in the physical plane.

The ether plane can be considered as existing at the inferior limit (as a vibrating frequency) of the astral universe, and thus is the intermediary dimension which ties the physical plane to the astral universe.


The communion between the world of Shambala and the physical world of our planet is permanent and alive, even if few of our planet’s inhabitants are aware of this world. There are of course, “darker” periods of history during which the Shambala world is hidden, occulted, rather unknown by humans. Traditionally though, it is affirmed that, during the periods of spiritual prosperity of humanity, the existence of Shambala is totally revealed to people.

This is how it will be in the near future.
What does “communion with the world of Shambala” actually mean? First of all it is a subtle communion, paranormal, empathically and telepathically at the same time: sometimes it is manifested through inspiration, paranormal protection, synchronistic as well as through miraculous phenomena.

Thus this communion is mostly energetic; it is not necessarily a physical natured communication. This phenomenon is easy to understand for any healer, meditator and yoga practitioner and in real life expresses the establishment of a resonance state placing the human being in unison with the mysterious world of Shambala.