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🍋 Do you know Spices not only enhance the flavour of our food, these can be used to enhance the flavour of our life?

🍋 Do you know Lemons not only detox your body, these can also detox Negativities from your life?

 🍋 Do you know the energy of lemon & spices can be used to make magical shifts in all the areas of your life ?

🍋 Do you know the energies of Spices used in your day to day meals can rectify  the impact of  planatery energies in your life?


🍋Learn the miraculous use of the things that are easily available in your kitchen for different purposes: as protection, to scare away evil spirits, attracting fortune and love and much more......

Course Content includes:

♦️Magical Bowls to remove the negativity and evil eyes from Home

♦️ Magical Lemon to clear the evil eye of shop or workplace

♦️Magical Lemon to enhance Happiness, Abundance and overall Wellbeing

♦️Lemon Magic Lamp to remove the negativity, planetary doshas and obstacles and to protect the house from all kinds of negative energies

♦️ Magical Lemon for Manifesting Desires

♦️Lemon Ritual for Better Relationships

♦️Cord Cutting with Lemon

♦️Lemon Ritual for Good Health

♦️Magical spices remedy for Getting Rid Of Nightmares 

♦️Protect Your Home/ Workplace from Evil Eyes with Spices

♦️Clearing Space from Evil Eyes and Entities with Spices

♦️Financial Stability and Prosperity with spices

♦️Remedy for Getting Married Soon

♦️Bath Ritual For Happy Marriage And To Remove The Obstacle From 

Marriage Life

♦️Effects of Spices on Our Planets


Join the workshop MAGIC WITH LEMON N SPICES  and explore the forgotten ancient knowledge with Mahashakti Radiance

EE: 1500 ₹

Venue : whatsapp

Language : English and Hindi both


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